International Fencers Alliance of Boston

Club Policy


All members, students, and family members are expected to:

  • Conduct themselves with professionalism and courtesy at all times.

  • Show respect for coaches and peers during classes, lessons, and tournaments.

  • Communicate with club management team first before seeking alternative options.

Anyone in violation of this code of conduct may result in the termination of club membership or be asked to leave the club.


  • Online sign up system is used to schedule group class. Please refer to Member Area for links.

    • Changes or cancellations can be made online at least 24 hours before the class start time.

    • Changes within 24 hours: please inform

    • It is the fencer's responsibility to keep the class signup up-to-date. Sign up is allowed even after the class starts. There should be no participation in class without signup.

  • Make up class:

    • Changes of group class in the same session are not considered as makeup.

    • For Intermediate I program (one class per week): if taking less than 8 classes in any session, one makeup class is allowed in the subsequent session. No makeup or refund for additional missed classes unless approved by club management team.

    • No make up class for Intermediate II and higher programs.

  • Recording is forbidden unless approved by coach.


  • Private lessons are provided to club members only, with the exception that beginners may take private lessons at member rate.

  • No photograph or video recording permitted during the lesson.

  • Students are required to arrive at least 10 minutes before the lesson start time for warm up.

  • Routine lesson slots are arranged for students who take private lessons regularly. Online sign up system is used to reschedule private lessons. Please refer to Member Area for links.

    • Changes or cancellations can be made online at least 24 hours before the lesson start time

    • Changes within 24 hours: please text coach AND inform club manager

    • Fees will apply if the private lesson is cancelled within 24 hours. Please swap with another student to avoid the charge.

    • In the following situations, the student may lose the regular slot in the next session:

      • "no show and no notice": if it occurs 2 or more times per session

      • cancellation due to activities unrelated to fencing: if it occurs 3 or more times per session


  • Regular tuition includes payment for group classes and private lessons.

    • Tuition for group classes is paid per session, at the beginning of each session.

    • Tuition for private lessons can be paid at the beginning of next month, after all the lessons are taken in the previous month.

  • Payment due date:

    • Tuition due date is indicated on the invoice, which will be sent out before the 7th of the month.

    • Late payment (after 16th of the month) will incur a $20 late fee.

  • Membership fee:

    • Annual membership fee is due before the first session for members.

    • For students who transit from beginners to intermediate program: membership fee will be prorated. Please refer to Member Area for details.


  • Members are eligible for coaching assistance at tournaments subject to coach’s availability. Coaching fees will apply.

  • For fencers who have no prior experience in fencing competitions: please consult with Coach prior to registration for any event.

  • During the tournament, fencers should stay in the same area as a team.

  • If more than one fencer is fencing at the same time, it’s coach’s decision to see who to coach.

  • When two club members compete with each other in a tournament, coaching is not allowed.

  • Please refer to Member Area for the calculation of travel expense and coaching fees.


  • Please wear proper attire in fencing (mask, fencing suits, protective gears, and glove). No shorts or open toe shoes. Fencing without proper attire is strictly forbidden.

  • To protect the floor, please do not wear fencing shoes outdoors. Please bring them separately and change into the fencing shoes inside the club.

  • Keep weapons pointed at the floor when not fencing.

  • A weapon is only pointed at another person when that person is fully masked and ready to fence or drill.

  • In all occasions, fencers must always be masked when weapons are raised, pointing forward.

  • Keep equipment tidy and out of the way when not in use.

  • Inspect your mask and weapon every time before you use them.

  • Stop immediately when you see somebody is hurt, or your blade is broken.

  • Report injuries to Coach immediately.

  • Non-fencers and parents are not allowed to stay in the fencing area.

  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the fencing area.

Fencing gear order and repair

  • Fencing gear order:

    • Club will assist in ordering fencing gears from the online vendor ( Club members will get free shipping if purchase through club. Please communicate with club manager or use the Fencing Gear Order Form in Member Area to make a request.

    • All students can create their own account and purchase fencing gears directly from any vendors.

  • Requirements for fencing gears:

    • Beginner students in group class: fencing gears are optional.

    • Students who take private lessons: mask, foil and glove are required.

    • Students who start in the intermediate program: full set is required, including fencing uniforms, protective gears, electric vest, wires and weapon.

    • Students who plan to attend boutings: please make sure your electric fencing gears are in working condition. Backup foil and body cords may be required.

    • Students who are ready for competitions: additional foils, electric wires (body cord, mask cord) are required, backup mask, lame and glove may be necessary.

  • Armory repair:

    • For any armory repair, please fill in the repair tag form, leave the item in the designated area for the repair technician, and send a message to inform club manager.

    • The cost for labor and parts will be indicated in the repair tag. Please pay at pickup.